Choose your own adventure using the ten themes below. Each theme leads you to multiple paths and further information about phenology of Minnesota's plants and animals.

Circular icon with an illustrated flower, sun, falling leaf, and snowflake to represent the four seasons

Times of the year

What's happening outdoors from one month to the next?

For each month of the year, get a list of things to look for while outdoors. You can also download county-specific calendars with the timing of key phenological events in that area.

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Gray circular icon with an illustration of a tree with many branches

Tree of life

Select a branch of biodiversity, such as birds, trees, or insects.

Browse the complete list of plants and animals on the Season Watch website, and learn about general phenology patterns for groups of organisms.

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State of Minnesota

Minnesota places

Explore phenology as a way to understand the places where we live.

Learn about connections between place and phenology. Or, pick a place in Minnesota to find out what historical data are available.

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Gray circular icon with illustrations of a magnifying lens, a frog, and a conifer twig.


Find out if Season Watch has resources on a plant, animal or fungus that interests you. Filter your search using criteria.

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Circular icon with an illustration of a loon

Minnesota symbols

Explore the phenology of Minnesota's official state symbols.

Only a handful of plants and animals are enshrined as state symbols. Get to know them and what makes them special.

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Icon showing a graph with datapoints and a trendline

Data gallery

Browse graphs of phenology data to choose your own adventure.

Listen to phenologistis interpret graphs of historical data. Then scroll through graphs to spark your interest and lead you to more information.

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Icon with an illustration of a large city

In the city

Cities are full of nature and opportunities to witness phenology.

Browse recommended plants and animals for city-dwelling phenologists. See how city nature is important for understanding how environments function and change.

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Icon with an illustration of an ear

Listening for phenology

Some signs of the season are easier to hear than to see.

Consider soundscapes as a way to be aware of seasonal change. Then prepare your ears to listen for phenology.

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Circular icon with an illustration of an open notebook

Stories of noticing

Peek at journal entries by people noticing phenology around them.

See examples of people making repeat observations on a plant or animal. Practice how to begin with sense-based observations and build into an understanding of phenophases.

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Icon with an illustration of binoculars within an ornate frame

Surprise me!

Consider phenology from unexpected points of view.

Start seeing phenology everywhere, from art to everyday life. Browse readings and projects that encourage creative, synthetic thinking about phenology.

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